Fall League

Fall League is a recent addition to the Knoxville Ultimate Community, with an inaugural season in 2016. Typically played from late August through mid-October, Fall League is a mixed-gender league that follows the traditional 7v7 play format. Registration usually opens up in early August. Join us next Fall League!

Past Fall League Champions

2018: Awkward Teal Hammer Force

Wesley Daniels
John Markham
Daniel White
David King
Derek Dalton
Kaity Patterson
Matthew Groendyke
Michael Friis-Jensen
Mike Kaufman
Miller Duren
Nick Stewart
Niya Thomas
Phillip Dougherty
Shauna King

2017: Grayyyyyt

Ben Nanny
Robert Bedsole
Wesley Daniels
Michael Friis-Jensen
Michael Cheatum
Allie Cheatum
Stewart Boyd
Sam Bedsole
JD Dimick
Samir Hazboun
Nettie Stanfield
Samuel Kernan
Becca Novello