Fall League

Fall League is a recent addition to the Knoxville Ultimate Community, with an inaugural season in 2016. Typically played from late August through mid-October, Fall League is a mixed-gender league that follows the traditional 7v7 play format. Registration usually opens up in early August. Join us next Fall League!

For information (teams, schedule, etc.) on the current Fall League, click here.

Past Fall League Champions

2018: Awkward Teal Hammer Force

Wesley Daniels
John Markham
Daniel White
David King
Derek Dalton
Kaity Patterson
Matthew Groendyke
Michael Friis-Jensen
Mike Kaufman
Miller Duren
Nick Stewart
Niya Thomas
Phillip Dougherty
Shauna King

2017: Grayyyyyt

Ben Nanny
Robert Bedsole
Wesley Daniels
Michael Friis-Jensen
Michael Cheatum
Allie Cheatum
Stewart Boyd
Sam Bedsole
JD Dimick
Samir Hazboun
Nettie Stanfield
Samuel Kernan
Becca Novello