Mixed League

Mixed League is on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:10 p.m. at Victor Ashe Park.

We're stoked to have our post-game socials at Schulz Brau Brewing Company! Join us immediately after each game for great food and drinks. All ages & pets welcome!

Below are the rules and ratio guidelines for 2019 Mixed Summer League. If you have any questions, please refer to the USAU rules that we are following and the Knoxville Ultimate Code of Conduct.

  • Two 45-minute halves with a 10 minute halftime (6:30-7:15p, 7:25-8:10p)
  • One horn at 45 minutes, one at 100 minutes (including halftime). At the horn, finish the point.
    • If the horn blows right after a team scores but before the next pull, the clock for the subsequent point has already started, so you should play another point.
    • If the game gets tied up after the horn is blown, play universe.
  • One TO/half, no floater
  • TO can be called at any point during the game (even after final horn has been blown).

  • Gender Ratio
    • We will use the "genzone" method for determining which team sets the ratio:
      • At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting which end zone is the "genzone." At the start of each point, the team that is at the genzone must choose the gender ratio.
      • The genzone will switch sides of the field at halftime.
    • The default gender ratio is 4 men/3 women.
      • You are allowed to play 5/2 or 3/4, however, this must be discussed with the opposing captain prior to the game.
      • Based on captain discussion, if your team cannot field 3 women, you can elect to go 5/2 when in the genzone. However, if the other team elects to go 4/3 when they're in the genzone, you must play 4/2, not 5/2.
      • If your team would prefer to field 4 women, the opposing team is not required to match it with 4 women (i.e. 3/4 vs 4/3). This means there could be a male guarding a female. However, for the team playing 4 males, do not use this simply to create an advantageous mismatch for yourself if you have a 4th woman willing to play (use SOTG).