Summer League

Thursday Night Open League

Due to growing numbers in the last few years, we have hosted an Open League on Thursday nights. This league has a 7v7 format and no required gender ratio. Games are also held at Victor Ashe Park.

For information (teams, schedule, etc.) on the current Thursday Open League, click here.

Past Summer Open League Champions

2018: Pyrite

Daniel Ellison
Adam Rogers
Alex LaGraff
Caleb Bailey
Chase Wilson
Franklin Beebe
Gabriel Shuemaker
Jarrett Byers
Kaylah Rogers
Phillip Dougherty
Samuel Good
Stewart Boyd
Timothy Lumsdaine

2017: Maroon 7

Daniel Epperson
Aaron Kirby
David Hulsey
Ellie Stanfield
Evan Lewoczko
Izaac French
Justice Blair
Matthew Baird
Max Jones
Nathaniel Estabrooks
Nick Stewart
Peter Olson
Robert Miller
Stephen Neu
Tiger Ponder