Knoxville Ultimate Weather Policy

In the likely event that we encounter some bad weather during our outdoor leagues, Knoxville Ultimate has adopted the following policy:

  • Immediately following the sight or sound of lightning and/or thunder, play must be stopped. A horn will be blown if possible to make it clear that the games are paused, however, do not wait for the horn.
  • Head to the pavilion, your car, or another shelter as quickly as possible - do not continue to play or stick around to chat.
  • Games are delayed for 30 minutes following the last lightning/thunder observed.
  • An announcement will be made by the commissioner and communicated by your captains to notify you of the projected time delay or whether the games are cancelled.
  • Please be patient during weather delays and prioritize the safety of yourself and your teammates.
If you're interested in learning more about the foundation of our weather policy, please read about our friend Shawn Adams.