Winter Goaltimate

The Winter Goaltimate League has experienced several successful seasons, and is typically hosted from January to March on Wednesday nights at Sam Duff Park. The format is fast-paced, 5v5, mixed-gender, and is similar to half-court basketball but with a disc. Stay tuned for registration details for the 2019 league!

Past Winter Goaltimate League Champions

2018: White

Holly Vander Stel
Brad Foster
Brett Coleman
Emily Doris Armbruster
Emily Simon
Jacob Thress
John Lithio
Mark Stuewe
Miciah Clay
Travis Hedger

2017: White

John Kochendorfer
Samir Hazboun
Dave White
Brian Denny
Kelvin Ying
Brad Foster

Holly Vander Stel

2016: Bread

Ben Nanny
Chris Braker
Jenny Newby
Brad Smith
Melanie Lindsey
Aaron Jubbs
Tommy Stines