Winter Goalty League

Winter Goalty League is on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 p.m. at Sansom Sports Complex.

Games begin Wednesday January 15, at 7:30pm at the Sansom Sports Complex at 234 Dale Ave NW, Knoxville, TN 37921. Additional parking can be found at the gravel lot across Dale Avenue from the fields.

Every week there will be 2 games for each team against separate opponents. Games will be 40 minutes with a 3 minute half-time and 5 minute period in between games to move fields. Horns will sound on the schedule below:

Game 1 — 7:30-8:10 (3 min half at 7:50)
Game 2 — 8:15-8:55 (3 min half at 8:35)

The 3 minute half will be self-regulated by teams and if both captains agree, can be shortened. Possession must change (if team A started on offense, team B starts on offense in the second half). There are NO timeouts.

Ties will be recorded as such. If the disc has already been thrown when the horn begins to sound (i.e. disc is in the air), it can be caught for a score as a buzzer beater.

There will be a social each week. Details will follow! The first week will be at Schulz Braü Brewing Company (126 Bernard Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917), which is less than 5 minutes from the fields. As a reminder, no alcohol is permitted at Sansom Sports Complex. Also, no pets are allowed.

As a reminder, there are no jerseys for this league. Please bring a white and a dark each week so you can change as needed.

The goaltimate rules are posted on the Knoxville Ultimate website. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the commissioner.

Mitch Smith
2020 Winter Goaltimate Commissioner