Winter Goalty League

Winter Goalty League is on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 p.m. at Sansom Sports Complex.

Goaltimate Rules

  1. Don’t be a jerk!

  2. Played 4v4; tagging hands for hockey-style (on-the-fly) subbing when coming off. The incoming player must have both feet inside the sub-box when contacting the outgoing player. (No gender ratio)

  3. Stall count is to 5 by any one person on defense anywhere on the field.
    • Stall counts must start with the word “stall,” otherwise fast count may be called. (e.g. – “Stall One, Two…”)
  4. The disc is allowed to only go one-way through the hoop. If thrown the opposite direction, it is a turnover.

  5. Scoring:
    • One point for a completed pass that travels through the hoop and is caught within the end-zone area.
    • Two points for a completed pass thrown from inside the Clear Box and caught within the end-zone area.
  6. During a turnover, the change of disc possession goes to the new offense and must be caught in the Clear Box before attacking the goal.

  7. If your team scores, you must “clear” the disc before attacking again
    • Make-it-Take-it style scoring
  8. Static picks are legal. (Basketball style picks)

  9. 3-in-the-key: Offensive players in the key or endzone can only stay 3 seconds. They must clear before re-entering
    • The 3 seconds reset once an offensive player has removed both feet from within the scoring area.
    • Defensive players may call out the time an offensive cutter is in the hoop by saying “Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3”.
    • A player catching a goal after a 3 second violation results is a non-score, and the receiver continues play (continuation) while declaring “No Goal!”
    • Play DOES NOT STOP for offensive goaltending, but the player in violation must clear immediately
      • Both feet must exit the end-zone and key area.
  10. No defensive goaltending is allowed. Defenders must be within an arm’s length of any offensive player to remain in the endzone or key area for longer than 3 seconds.
    1. If there is no offensive player within arm’s length after 3 seconds, the defender must remove both feet from the scoring and key area when called for goaltending
    2. Offense is required to call “D One, D Two, D Three” to indicate defensive goaltending before making the violation call.
      • During counting, the player in violation must be moving to a legal defensive position and cannot make a defensive play.
    3. When goaltending is called:
      • Play stops.
      • The defensive player must move to a legal defensive position.
      • The offensive player in possession of the disc checks it in at the apex of the key area after confirming that the defense is ready.
      • Double-teams (or more) are allowed, therefore multiple defenders may be in the key or scoring area simultaneously as long as they are within arm’s length of at least one offensive player.
  11. “Pull throughs” are NOT a goal. Loudly declare “No Goal!” and continue play.
    • A pull-through occurs when an offensive player catches the disc with one or both feet in the end-zone but the disc is outside of the hoop.
    • The “plane” of the hoop is perpendicular to the ground between the points where the goal contacts the ground. It does not depend on the current angle of the scoring hoop.
    • This call is a continuation and should be treated similar to a “Check Feet” request in Ultimate.
  12. If a player catches a disc outside of the goal and their momentum causes them to run through the plane of the hoop, no goal is awarded.
    • The player cannot walk back out and must play from where they stop inside of the goal. “No goal” should be declared and play continues.
  13. Pick-up players are allowed with the approval of both captains and the commissioner.
    • Pick-ups must be approved before the start of the games.
    • No pick-up players are allowed during playoff games.
  14. The commissioner reserves the right to arbitrate any situation in which there is a rules question or situational ambiguity. All commissioner rulings are final.

Knoxville Goaltimate Guidelines:

(Think of the Pirate Code—not so much rules as they are strong suggestions.)
  1. On a turnover, the receiver or thrower at fault are strongly encouraged to sub but not required. Feel free to use heckle justice while remembering rule #1.
  2. Excessive or intentional fouling will be reported to the commissioner and may result in ejection and/or suspension. Player safety is a top priority. See the Knoxville Ultimate Player Code of Conduct for policy clarifications.
  3. If in any doubt at any time about interpretation any of the rules or how one should handle themself, refer back to rule #1