About Us

Our Mission Statement

To serve and grow the Ultimate community of the Greater Knoxville Area. To encourage sportsmanship, respect, and trust with players of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds.

Our Vision

Year-round programs and leagues to develop players of all types and skill levels.

Providing opportunities which encourage the growth and diversity of the Ultimate community

Connect our community, the Greater Knoxville Area, and the Ultimate community at large

Our Values

Safety – Above all else, we strive to create and encourage a physically and mentally safe environment for players
Spirit – We are committed to encouraging Spirt of the Game, which places the responsibility of fair play on the players and enforces mutual respect and trust between opponents.
Community – We seek to create a diverse, supportive, and safe ultimate community for all players. We encourage our members to be responsible and engaged members of the Greater Knoxville Community
Competition – Play Hard, Play Fair, Have FUN

Board Members


Jenny Newby

Jenny has been a part of Knoxville Ultimate since it captured her heart during her first Summer League in 2012. In addition to playing with regional teams at the Club and Master’s level (including coming in 2nd at Master’s Nationals!), she helps coach the UT’s Women’s Ultimate Team (BOS). She lives for costume tournaments, adores beach ultimate, and thinks a high-release backhand is just the bee’s knees. Jenny joined the KU Board in 2018 with the goal of giving back to a community that she loves, and her goal is to make Knoxville Ultimate the most welcoming, inclusive, and fun ultimate scene around.


Adam Velk

Adam started playing ultimate back in 2009 and has been apart of the Knoxville Ultimate community since 2021. He helped his tiny college team, Hartford Lighthouse, make their first regionals ever and ran the mixed club team Chicago Pizza Party! He’s retired from playing but still keeps himself involved in the ultimate community through running Knoxville’s mixed Masters team, Old Dog. His goal is to increase participation while maintaining the best thing about ultimate- Spirit of the Game.


Jeremiah Branson

Jeremiah has been playing ultimate since 2012, when he started playing for the L&N STEM Academy. Since then he has played for the U20 Nashvillains at the Youth Club Championships, the UT-Chattanooga Swamp Donkeys, and for the club teams Knoxville Crush, Huntsville Freaks, and Tennessee Tanasi. Recently, Jerm started playing in the AUDL with the Indianapolis Alleycats. Ultimate has taken him all over the country and drastically impacted his life, even introducing him to his now-wife, Emily Branson. Despite playing all across the country, Knoxville has always been his home Ultimate community and he is glad to be serving his community.

Community Coordinator

Grace Fielder

Grace made her first appearance in Knoxville Ultimate at summer league in 2018.   She has played in nearly every Knoxville league since. Along with league and random tournaments, Grace has played for UT’s women’s team – BOS, Knoxville’s Women’s club team – Fusion, and most recently plays for Nashville Nightshade with PUL! She loves connecting people and hopes to help Knoxville ultimate continue to grow as a place where good community is cultivated and even better Ultimate is played. 

League Coordinator

Mitchell Smith

Mitch has been playing Ultimate since 2015 when he played his first Summer League. He fell in love with Ultimate and the community of players immediately. Since then, Mitch has leapt at every opportunity to help organize and grow the Knoxville community and spread the love of the sport. Mitch plays with, and helps run, several “party tournament” teams going to tournaments like Poultry Days, HoDown ThrowDown, and Turkey Tourney.