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Knox Fusion

KnoxFusion is a women’s ultimate frisbee team based in Knoxville, TN, and although the name is “Knoxville” we have players from the surrounding areas like Chattanooga and Johnson City. Our players are supportive, motivated, and ambitious. Our goal as a team is to provide a space for women to develop their talents and skills of Ultimate Frisbee in a competitive environment. Our vision – to show the rest of the Ultimate community how talented Knoxville (and surrounding areas) women are!

How Can I Join?

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Tennessee Tanasi

Tanasi is an elite select level open club team based out of East Tennessee that travels the country competing at the highest level of club. In recent years they have traveled to Colorado, Indiana, Virginia, Ohio, and most states in the Southeast. Tanasi is built on high competition, tough workouts, and most of all, fun. The team consists of male-matching players aged 18-35 from all over Tennessee and Northern Alabama. They were champions of the Philly Open and the East Coast Section in 2019, and Section runners-up the last two seasons, finishing both years ranked in the top-25 in the country.

How Can I Join?

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Scruffy City Old Dog

Scruffy City Old Dog, or Old Dog if you’re time limited, is Knoxville’s newest, oldest, and bestest Mixed Masters team.  If you’re a female-matching player aged 30 or older, or a male-matching player aged 33 or older, come check out the team!  Founded in 2023, Old Dog’s mission is to have fun, keep the joints loose, and be the most spirited team in the nation. If this sounds like your cup of tea, join us!

How Can I Join?

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