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The Goal

The goal of this league is to give players an opportunity to develop at whatever level of play they are currently in, while encouraging the community as a whole and helping each other improve.

The Details

Spring is here! The weather is warming, plants are waking up, and here at Knoxville Ultimate, spring league is upon us. Spring league is all about helping players grow at whatever level they are at, whether that’s a newcomer or an old dog. We want to give everyone an opportunity to have fun learning the game, and help build each other up while doing it.

There will be two leagues; one for female-matching players and one for male-matching players. Each league is 6-weeks of mini-ultimate followed by 2 weeks of 7 on 7. Last year the 7’s frisbee was mixed, but the community spoke out and this year the gender split will continue into the 2 weeks of full field. Another new feature of spring league will be 20 minute clinics to help players warm up, run some drills, and give opportunities to interact with people not on their team.

Spring league begins on March 27th, but if you miss the initial sign-up window, don’t worry! We’ll leave registration live throughout the league.

Being a poor college student is tough, so we’re helping y’all out. We’re offering discounted rates for college players, so if you’re a student, make sure you select the college player rate when signing up!

Additionally, there will be bonuses for recruiting new players like swag, discounts, and more!  For every new recruit, your chances of winning some swag go up! Make sure you tell us who you recruited in the “Special Requests” section!

Spring League Teams

Women's Division

SproleosWelchiesThe CaitestMissouri Loves Company

Rachel Sproles

Jessica Welch

Cait Gagnon

Emily Branson

Liz Franks-NorthAshley WestBethany BaileyRachael Fleetwood
Betsy SonewaldAlexis WestLourdes BlandioKatie Cooper
Becca FullerSara HuckJenny ThompsonKylee Liliss
Quinn BurkhardtHaley Smith

Joan Lind

Sara Hunter
Elizabeth RosenthalSara LongHazel White

Deyln Filer

Sophie DulbergKatie Shubert

MaryKate Leatherwood

Emma Woodward
Kate BlankeshipRebecca HenleyGrace Fielder

Michelle VanGuilder

Rebecca Brink

Aeryn Longuevan

Ellie Stanfield

Jenny Newby

Men's division

Tears for FearsKenners to BuckyBarlow's HouseClickity ClackumFiler's FliersBack in the SSR

Neil Taylor

Nathan Kenner

Patrick Barlow

Brandon Clackum

Mark Filer

Austin Lillis

Chris WightmanAaron JohnsZack HouseWinston ClarkKaison BrockmanSSR
Kevin ZakiewiczBrennan AllenRobert AllenDavid WhiteKyle DolwickSeth Reynolds
John SerafiniLuke BucknerLouis SociasKah ChongJoel RosenAndrew Harrison
Cody BradyMatt SuiJorge RamirezRobert MillerBrad SmithStewart Boyd
Lane ShulerJohn FangTyler RaperMickey KopsteinEli SmithTaylor Duffin
Johnston HamiltonRobert NobleNick BosseChris HillJosh HunleyPaul Summers
Alex JonesDoug WalshTim BaschCade AckerMatt KurleyZach Carter
Levey RyanRicky RosaStephen ThrasherBen NannyWill FlemingCarton Watson
Rob HerchenriderPatrick StroudCharles WiltDylan ElderJonah HedgesJace Alexander
Justin WalpoleJoshua FeistPradeep RajaMiller DurenGuy WesthoffTim Lumsdaine
Seth HarperBrian Doubts

Field Map