WEather Policy

Player safety is our #1 priority!

We will always try to play Ultimate whenever a league is scheduled or people want to play!  However, inclement weather happens and we rely on guidance from the National Weather Service as well as the City of Knoxville to keep our players safe and our fields playable.  Knoxville Ultimate, the League Commissioners, and Captains will communicate weather delays and cancellations as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The following policy outlines our weather policy for all leagues and Ultimate events sponsored or run by Knoxville Ultimate.  

Field Conditions

If field conditions would result in a risk to player safety OR if significant damage to the grass/turf could occur by playing on the fields, games will be cancelled for the evening.  Examples of poor field conditions include; standing water and/or pooling water when walking the fields.

This call is most frequently made by the owner of the fields!  Once this call is made, Knoxville Ultimate does not have the power to reverse the cancellation.

For example at Victor Ashe Park, the City of Knoxville evaluates the field conditions approximately 2 hours before league begins.  If they deem the fields unplayable, the fields will close and league will be cancelled.

Summer League 2023 Addendum: If league is cancelled due to field conditions, Knoxville Ultimate will inform captains by 4:30p on the day of league!

Lightning & Storms

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone.  Lighting kills.

Per guidance from the National Weather Service, games will be delayed if lighting strikes within 10 miles of the park at which games are played. If lightning strikes within 10 miles, a horn and/or whistle will sound 5 times and players should immediately vacate the fields to a covered location.

Games will be delayed by 30 minutes.  If more lighting strikes occur within 10 miles, the timer resets from the time of the last strike.  Delays will occur until the restart time is pushed past a determined threshold at which point, games will be cancelled.  This threshold changes for each league!

Summer League 2023 delay threshold: 7:50p

If games have reached halftime before cancellation occurs, they will count towards the record for the season.

Why do we take lightning so seriously?

“On April 10th of 1994, Shawn Adams was struck by a bolt of lightning and killed while playing in a game of Ultimate Frisbee in Nashville, Tennessee.  He was 29 years old.  He died playing the game that he loved.” – Fred Baes

Shawn Adams was the embodiment of Spirit of the Game.  He was a friend and teammate of Charlie Cwiek, Knoxville’s own Godfather of Ultimate.  Click the photo above to read more about this Ultimate player taken from the Tennessee community too soon.