Winter 5 v 5 mini Ultimate

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The Goal

This goal of this league is to help college, club, and competitive-minded individuals “warm-up” for the spring season. Games will be spirited and friendly, but fast-paced. It is recommended registrants in this league have Ultimate experience, preferably experience with mini.

The Teams

Rather than drafting teams like our usual leagues, teams will be randomized every two weeks with modifications made by the League Commission to ensure fairness and distribution of skill, attendance, and gender matchups.  

The playoff plans are still in the works.

The Rules of 5 v 5 Mini Ultimate

This League will follow USAU’s Rules of Ultimate with the following notable exceptions:

1. It is played on a smaller sized field,

2. There are only 5 players on the field at a time

3. Stall count is to 7

4. Continual “on the fly” player substitutions are allowed.

The Teams

The Schedule