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Goaltimate League has been extended by two weeks!

Please be patient while we figure out the schedule and get it updated.  We promise its coming soon!

The Goal

The goal of this league is to provide a welcoming, fun environment for players to play Goaltimate and enjoy the KU community. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join as this league seeks to balance competition and player growth.

What is goaltimate?

From USA Goaltimate:

“Fast-paced and physical, it is the half-court basketball of ultimate. Continuous play and a shorter stall count give players a more aerobic workout, and emphasizes multiple quick passes over hucks. With only four players per team on the field at once, and hockey-style subbing, every player is guaranteed to be involved with the game or play at hand.

Goaltimate has the same base rules as ultimate: move the disc from person to person to score in an endzone, players must stop and set a pivot foot while in possession of the disc, no intentional fouling or stripping of the disc.”

Rules of Goaltimate

Check out the Rules of Goaltimate over on USA Goaltimate’s website. 

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